In The Still Of The Night



Awake, peering through
the thick darkness,
catching glimpses of
my thoughts floating
like dark clouds in a
stormy sky.

Tossing, turning, trying
to snatch the
fugitive moments of
sanity my mind is
keeping at an
elusive distance.

Quick glances at the clock,
make time my enemy,
willing the light of morning,
to bring peace,
forgetting the nightmares
of swirling black space.

Turning my Mind around,
searching for the Light,
knowing where to find it.
yet unwilling to move from
the warmth and security
of my island.

Knowing, that searching for
the Light would bring
saving peace, still I resist,
in love and long-suffering
the Light comes
to me.

Instant peace, comfort,
and love enfold me
in the arms of Light,
in the stillness
of the night
the Light comes.

~Pam Childers

copyright 1999

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