2 thoughts on “Speaking in Tongues?????

  1. It is interesting. Though I have no experience in speaking in tongues, I do have experience in listening for God’s call on my heart. I have felt the Holy Spirit wash over me and I know that I am God’s and God is mine.

    What an amazing God we serve!

  2. That is interesting… I do speak with tongues as the spirit gives utterance, and I thank God for this gift. I feel the power of God every time I speak in tongues. I think many people don’t have this gift because they have fear of the unknown. We like to be in control.

    I would have to say I like God being in control, because He intercedes for me according to His will, and we know that we are so limited in our own thoughts as to how to pray at times.

    To God be the glory for this precious gift!
    If you are hungry for God to do more in your life, seek God for this gift, but remember – it is by faith you receive it, and by faith you speak out, and the flow will continue from there. God won’t open your mouth and make you speak. You have to do it as you are led by God’s power and unction.

    God bless,

    Thanks for your comment. I found the article interesting, but I don’t speak on cue! I too, believe it comes from God, and yes, He won’t MAKE you speak… but when we are receptive to His presence in our lives… we will speak in tongues.

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