Three Strands

  “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken~  Ecclesiastes 4:12

Have you heard the old saying… “There is strength in numbers”, or the “more the merrier?” I could go on and on with different quotes on the benefits of a group of people with the same purpose at heart. The Church is a place where people of the same beliefs meet together and become unified with one purpose.

Many groups meet for “causes” and often after the reason for their cause is accomplished they disband and may never meet each other again. The Church isn’t like that. We are bound together through our Savior, Jesus the Christ! The Messiah! We are strengthened by our “togetherness” and we encourage each other to “walk on”, keeping the faith!

We all need each other! Oh sure, we each go our own way after the church services…but as we go about our daily routines we know there are others out there who are doing the same thing. And that should we need them…they’re there for us! Sometimes even more so than our immediate family.


  We become more than just “acquainted” with each other. We begin to learn each others personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes. Isn’t it wonderful that God puts so many different kinds of people together that probably wouldn’t have ever become friends if it were not for Him? I’m so thankful He does that! I would have missed meeting some wonderful people throughout my lifetime simply because there may have been something I initially didn’t like about them or we were so different (I thought! That first impression thing.) that we wouldn’t even have tried to pursue a relationship. What I would have missed!!! There truly is power and strength in numbers…

One Heart, One Mind, One Soul, One Purpose, bound together with cords that cannot be broken, bound together with love, His love, a love that reaches beyond all boundaries!

Love truly conquerors ALL!

My Prayer: O God, you are my dearest friend. Thank you for my church family. Thank you for the strength and encouragement they provide. Help me to be the same for them. In Jesus’ Name

Originally published by P K Childers on 4/28/2005 for Heart2Heart Women’s Ministries © 2005 Pamla K Childers

4 thoughts on “Three Strands

  1. Great post! We do need each other, and what a blessing it is when we are bound together by His love. That graphic of the older ladies together is really cute. Have a blessed weekend.

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