A Redheaded Girl…

Red, a color I’ve always liked but was told I should never ever wear.  Why?  Because I was a redhead!  I’ve since remedied that…wearing red, not changing my hair color!!

002Mine wasn’t the carrot red, or the deep auburn, but more on the 6th Grade Pamstrawberry blondish end of the red color spectrum.  It darkened somewhat as I grew older. I’ve been told that I got my particular shade  from my Dad’s side of the family, a Great Aunt.  My mother’s side has the beautiful true carrot shade of red hair.  My mother’s hair turned white in her late 60’s!  My maternal grandmother had beautiful auburn hair.  Although her pure white hair was what I remember from early childhood. 

Surprisingly or not, I’ve NEVER been ashamed of my red hair, even when I was very young.  I’m supposing it was because it always made me different.  Often, I would be the only one in the room with red hair. I loved it, and always being the tallest for my age group I stood out 001even more!  Of course, making it easy for the teachers to see my raised hand.  It also made me a target to get in trouble for talking too much in class, or gum chewing.   I couldn’t hide behind another student! 

So it did bring me some adverse responses too! However, very few.  I was never taunted or ridiculed for my hair color.  I did have a 6th grade teacher whose name I will not mention but remember it as if it were yesterday, who made snide remarks in class about my “long” hair and other things.  Little did she know that she put some backbone into that little 6th grader! 

I thought at the birth of my firstborn that we were going to have a redheaded son.  Alas, at two months his hair fell out and he was a towhead instead! Winking smile  But he later gave me a strawberry P1010045blond granddaughter and great granddaughter. 

Chloe Pics From Innovations 017

Overall, I’ve enjoyed my red hair.  God gave it to me and He knows best.  He is my creator.  I’m not ashamed of Him, so why should I be ashamed of how He made me. 

I’m now entering the fading stage and I’m watching my red hair turn lighter every day.  The red is slowly slipping away and is mostly reflected in the “ends”now.  But it’s still there!  My Dad has reddish undertones to his brown hair and he will be 88 years old and still has natural color in his hair. My prayer, “ Please God…let me take after my Dad’s side of the family and keep my red hair for awhile longer.”  I’ll just have to wait and see.

Even after the red turns to white…I’ll still be a redhead at heart.  I feel blessed to know that God favored me!  Smile

 Enjoying what God has given me…



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