Time Marches On…

Reflecting on Sister Wilma McKinnies a Woman of God who has leftSis McKinnies this world as we know it!  I admired her quiet strength, gentle spirit, kind and generous nature, positive outlook, and steadfast faith.   Yes, she is in a better place… completed her Journey and winning the race that was set before her!  But…

Whenever an Elder Warrior has passed it seems to leave an emptiness in my heart.  A void that needs filling.  I realize it’s a void that can only be filled by the Peace that comes from God alone, but it’s there!

It challenges me whenever one of our Elders passes on to the Prize.  Why?  Because I realize that with each passing, I myself, am traveling closer and closer to that part of the Journey, the Exit, as I call it… leaving this world and onto the Glory that awaits.  We enter and we exit… and “ Life goes on Bud” (as Bud’s father said on his deathbed).

It makes me look inward and outward.

Inward: to examine my spirit, emotions, motives, aspirations, dreams and  heavenward goals.  Crying out to God to search every nook and cranny and the deepest crevices of my heart.

Outward: to check my association with others, appearance, health, priorities, my response to the tug of this world, my dreams and goals for Life on earth.

As I age, Death always makes me reflect on what is really important in life.

Possessions, NO!  Money, NO! Family, Yes!! Friends, Yes!! And oh my, even all my BOOKS, won’t be important when that time arrives.

Please forgive me if you think I’m being negative, I’m not!  We can enjoy life and live it to the fullest, we just need to remember that we are not guaranteed our next breath. 

Truly, only what is done for Jesus Christ will last…that’s an eternal Promise and He never breaks a Promise.  Our Peace comes from God alone, He is the only one who can fill our Life with inward JOY that circumstance, situations, or people cannot steal from us.

Mourning Reflections,


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