Summer Slips Away

Today is September 2, 2013.  Where did Summer hide itself?  It seemed we were just beginning and now it’s unofficially over!WGP-misty forest road 2007

Yes, it’s still HOT and HUMID!  But there’s just something in the air…you sense it when you walk out the door, especially in the early morning hours.  We anticipate with some apprehension and excitement the coming CHANGE!! and we all start wondering what will follow the glorious Autumn.  Change is always a little unnerving. 

School has already been in session for a couple of weeks, but because it was still August it was Summertime!  This year has been the wettest Summer that I can remember for Eastern Tennessee, so that would be the last nineteen years for me. 

Our backyard down the hill is a jungle, and I’m not kidding.  I wouldn’t walk through it for a million dollars…well…maybe, but I’d have spray myself with every repellant available, pack a pistol, machete, and anything else required to fight off what is creeping around in there.

I eagerly await the early weeks of autumn…one of my favorite times of the year.  Maybe that’s why I like all the fall colors, and tend to gravitate toward earth tones.  Not a fan of Winter, but I do enjoy the occasional snow storm.  Note, I said snow not ice.  While living in Maryland it took me 5 hours to get 15 minutes from home.  What a shock to come out of the grocery store in Ellicott City to a sheet of ice.  People were slipping, sliding, and falling down.  Cars were sliding all over the roads and into ditches and each other.  It was a big mess.  Two minutes from home with a upward curving exit ramp looming before me that no other car had managed to navigate, I pulled my car well off the road and tramped through a field to get to my house with my sons each carrying a bag of groceries.  We went back the next day and retrieved our undamaged car. There was a pile of cars that hadn’t made it.   I do not want a repeat of that story…it can stay just that, a story.

However, I am ready for walking around H’ Bay and enjoying the crisp humidity free air.  I’m anticipating the coming days when I can open the windows and not run the air conditioner.  

I always become nostalgic around a change of season.  I suppose it’s because past memories flood my mind of when all the boys were at home and what each seasonal change meant to our family.  Labor Day was the last camping trip before school started…the last hurrah of the Summer…the last week of freedom.

Seasonal change is always a sobering Isa 46.4 Even in your old agereminder to me of how swiftly each season of life comes and goes.  I find myself checking to see which season I’m in, leaving, or entering soon.  I want to be prepared for each season that I enter, similar to our preparations for the earthly seasonal changes.  We know they’re coming and we know approximately when they come and we try to prepare accordingly.


My prayer today: 

Lord prepare me for each storm, monsoon, and season that comes my way.  Don’t let me forget that you are the MASTER CREATOR of all and my Hope is in you and you alone.   In Jesus Name. 




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