Springtime Muse…

Woke up early this morning with GrandBear (babysitting grandsons dog) needing to go out!  What a beautiful day the LORD has blessed us with.  Shut off the A/C and opened the windows letting the breeze flow through the house!  Days like this REFRESH my inner being!  Gave me energy to DO things I’ve put off!

Went outside before breakfast and planted flowers.  Still lots of clean up to do.  We have so many trees which DSCN5855makes  it very difficult to keep up with all the fallen leaves.

My wild roses are blooming but my rhododendron hasn’t bloomed at all yet.  DSCN5856

We probably should have bought property out and not in a subdivision because we like things sort of natural and not perfect.  But our neighborhood is a combination of both…perfect planning, perfect lawns, and then there’s the rest of us who are probably the “thorn in the flesh” to the Perfects.  I love both… I’m just in awe when Nature speaks and shows me what it can do with very little help from me.  However, I am a little intimidated by our backyard this year.  The groundcover has taken over early this year and I do not like it this close to the house.  I can’t see what critters are in there!  We’ve let the backyard take control!  

Because of all our trees we have a prolific population of birds…we are constantly serenaded with beautiful, peaceful music intermingled with the occasional barking dog!   It soothes the soul…if you stop long enough to listen!  I haven’t heard the owls in quite awhile.  I hope they’ve not moved on to a  new address.


My Mother’s Day flower basket from my hubby.  It is beautiful and constantly blooming.  I love looking out the door and seeing it swaying in the breeze. 

The metal planter below belonged to my Mother-in-law.  Even though it’s starting to rust out I cannot get rid of it.  I guess I’m too sentimental about some things.  She loved her flowers and spring was a time of planning, planting and searching for the best bargains.DSCN5850



This is the other Mother’s Day Basket the children from First UPC Dayton, TN gave me.  Isn’t it  beautiful?  When I walk out the front door it’s right there for me to behold!  Smile   P1010011

My one rose that blooms faithfully every year by the mailbox.



Mr. Frog hasn’t returned this year.  He was hibernating and Bud thinks he scared him moving some things around late winter/early fall.  Anyway, he may have moved on too.





Well enough of the Spring Musings… I need to get to work on another project!


Sun PamCoffee cup





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