Getting to know me


I am a daughter, wife, mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister-in-law, friend, and daughter of the King. 

IMG_2386I am Mom to three tall, handsome and hardworking sons who are now grown men with families of their own.  They have given me my daughters and they in turn have given me four handsome, lively grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter (finally), TWO precious Great-granddaughters and their beautiful mother!  I love them all dearly and miss them…they live so far away now! 😦

I am the wife of a loving, caring, passionate man who loves God with all his heart, mind, and soul.  Ministering, teaching, and preaching… that is his life.We will have been married 50 years this coming December 2017.    He retired (forced lay-off) from his secular job at one of the largest hospitals in our city April 2009.  This is a different experience for him…AND ME!

I met him for the first time when I was fifteen years old and he was visiting his grandpa in California.  He had hitchhiked all the way from Illinois just to see Papa who his Dad had told him could answer his question, “What is sin?”.  And between Papa and Papa’s pastor (my Dad) they did just that.  He’s never turned back!

We’re still on an incredible journey together.  Time changes many things and seasons come and go, but our love has remained constant throughout all the ups, downs, trials, hardships of life, and the JOY of serving God. 

2008 was a life-changing year for us.  Bud lost his Mother on Easter Sunday 2008 in the same month that his Father passed away in 2004.  He lost his brother Fred, December 19, 2008 from cancer.  We moved my parents from Missouri, to live with us in April 2008.  They were with me for almost 2-years.  I am privileged to have had this precious time with them.  We have lived in different states for most of my married life and didn’t get to visit often.  So, this was extra special.  My Dad moved them back to Missouri  on March 27, 2010.  He was very unhappy here.  I’m so glad that just before they left Mom got to go with me to the Tennessee District Ladies Conference in Pigeon Forge, TN.  We had a great time together.  The photo is of their 84th  Birthday dinner. 

My mom went to her heavenly home July 1, 2014.  My Dad lived with us for almost       2 1/2 years after my mother’s death.  My Dad left this world on Sunday, February 5, 2017.  He is finally home! 

I am passionate about learning all I can from God’s Word.  I truly believe that He is coming back for His Body, His Bride…The Church.  We don’t know when our time to meet Him will be, if it will be in the catching away or crossing Jordan… I know that I want to be ready and found doing all I can and living for Him to the best of my ability. 

I am employed by a major insurance company and am state licensed for P & C and L & H (property, casualty, life & health).  I’m also a certified medical assistant(CMA) and had worked in the medical field in allergy, dermatology and general practice. Then they started the long shifts of 10-12 hours and/or evenings and weekends.  I now have my weekends off and after 5:00 PM or so,  I’m on my time!  I do miss working in the medical field… but the benefit of time outweighs the missing at this point in my life.

I grew up in Southern California and never dreamed I would ever live in the Southeast and love it!   Perhaps, it’s because I’m now sliding down the older side of life and the crazy “rat-race” doesn’t impress me at all!  I’ve had some occurrences (cancer being one of them) in my life that have led me in the direction of what’s really important and things or the collection of stuff is not on my priority list. 

In fact, I’m trying to DE-CLUTTER… what a task that is!  A CHORE I’m not enjoying!  Not only is it time consuming, but it verges on embarrassment!  What was I thinking??????

I now require a house large enough to stack the boxes and work full-time to support all this stuff!  I have repented!!!  I hope my new life doesn’t precipitate the downfall of our consumeristic (did I make up a word?) society!  Our country’s economy couldn’t sustain its position in this world if we all quit buying useless stuff!  Hey, I’m off my soapbox!  RELAX!

Hubby and I have simple tastes and desires.  We are happiest when browsing in a bookstore with a strong brewed cup of coffee or latte…that’s next to heaven!!!  or walking the dogs around the Bay…Ummm does that mean we are getting older?  Probably does!

Family, church family, and friends are my greatest joy.  I cherish my time with my Savior, Jesus!  Without Him my life wouldn’t have real purpose. 

20 thoughts on “Getting to know me

  1. Hi! Nice to meet you. I like the title of the blog.

    ‘Tennessee’ and ‘Nashville’ always reminds me of Bill Gaither and Guy Penrod. They are quite famous here in India among the Christians. I also like the song ‘Tender Tennessee Christmas’.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog.
    I will visit often to hear the whispers of a Tennessee heart.


  2. Tennessee is a beautiful place, isn’t it?

    I can sympathize with the de-cluttering. We are trying some downsizing of our own in preparation for retirement, and it sure isn’t easy!

    I’m glad I got this chance to know you better.


  3. Hi, I just seemed to stumble across your site. I attended the Ladies Conf. this year it was great. What part of Tennessee do you live in. I am app. between Nashville and Memphis.

    Sis Lannette,
    Wasn’t it awesome. She was so anointed! I’m kinda of like the young girl with us. I didn’t want to go home either. I live in the Chattanooga area.

  4. Hello,

    I’m Carol Connell from California. I have seen you post comments on several blogs that I visit, so I decided to drop by. I know that I don’t know you, but I can sense from your writings a deep love for God and the things of God. I really appreciate that, and I hope to get to know you better through blogging.

    God bless you,


  5. Thanks for visiting me at my blog. My mother’s family is all from Western Tennessee. It is simply beautiful up there and over where you are is absolutely awesome. I pray you have a blessed day and year.

    In His Awesome Service,
    Johnnie Ruth

  6. I am trying to help an eighty-three-year-old retired missionary find the song “Take your harp down from off the willow.” Can you help?

  7. Hi! Loved your blog and the opportunity to read about your amazing life. I also am a transplant to TN and I also love it. I am also an author on the Everyones Apostolic publications and that is where I found your link to this blog. I praise God for every opportunity that He has opened up for me in my life. My blog is
    I also have extensive blogs and a whole mess of photo albums on what used to be everyones connected. (Now (ubuti means communities in some foreign language.) I hope you will have the time to listen to my podcast on itunes sometime – it is HazelwoodUSA. I need to get busy and work on broadcasting or podcasting I guess, on a more regular basis.
    I will come back and visit your blog again, and look forward to reading more of your articles and blogs on Everyones Apostolic Publications.
    Sis. Lisa Anne Peter, Henderson TN

  8. Hello… I have noticed that you added my blog to your page and wanted to meet you… Have a blessed day

    Thanks for stopping by. Blessings to you.


  10. Thank you…I love to express myself in writing. We miss you all too! We had so many good times together. It seems impossible that our “little ones” are grown up and with kids of their own! Wow… time flies by! We hope to be up that way again to see Jason and Marc and the grandkids!!!

    Save me a seat if you get there first, if I do, I’ll save you one!

  11. Sister Pam, could I ask you a question about the “about me” that you have at the bottom of your posts? okay,lol How did you get that on there? I’ve tried filling in the information on my profile,updating my profile etc… but it doesn’t come up! Do you have any idea what am I doing wrong? Thanks! Jeff

  12. Pam,
    I haven’t talked with you for a long time other than on Facebook. I am trying to get my mother to make a trip to Missouri to see her sister and our aunt Clarice. You are aware, I’m sure of her medical condition. If I can talk her into coming perhaps we could all meet in Springfield, MO during the Christmas holidays. She is pretty adamant about not going but I think she should. You can e-mail me at the above address. The website is our Western District Foreign Mission’s Blog for which I am responsible. Give Bud my regards and you all have a wonderful Thankgiving. God bless!
    P.S. You have quite a way with words. I enjoyed reading from your Blog.

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