My Library

The link below is a link to Library Thing.  I am trying to inventory my books and I’m just getting started.  My husband and I have 100’s of books, probably more like 1000’s.  I would hate to lose them and having been collecting them for over 45 years… we have not kept an inventory.  We are both avid readers and our books are mostly non-fiction.  I do not usually keep any fiction books.  I seldom read fiction anymore.  AND now we both have Kindles, the list is endless.   So the following list is just the beginning…  I’ve not commented or reviewed any of them yet.  One thing at a time!

One thought on “My Library

  1. I have not updated my library page in several months. I do plan to add more of my library to “”. It’s also an easy way to do a book inventory. I just have so many that I may never get them all listed.

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