December 24 & 25, 2013

I have been lax or lazy is probably the more appropriate word in posting to my blog.  I have many excuses so I won’t even begin to offer any.  

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends.

Yesterday the 24th was our 46th Wedding Anniversary.  It’s unbelievable how quickly time goes by.  It seems like yesterday and also like forever!  This is what HE looked like when I first met HIM:

Bud 1967


 This was after he trimmed his hair and beard. 

This is what I looked like then:Pam 15









Then our engagement:Bud,Pam 1967

Then our wedding(he cleaned up nicely):Wedding Pix 1967

After a few years, we looked like this:



         Then we began to GROW:2-RendLake Family Reunion 2011 007

We became Grandparents and Great grandparents.  The above photo is our grandkids minus our Ella who was in the oven at that time.

And here she is:Ella 8-2013




We are blessed beyond measure!

                                  (I have Thanksgiving to blog yet, backwards, I know!)





This was our Anniversary-Christmas Eve dinner at home, Cornish game hens, yams, green bean casserole, dressing and fresh cranberry relish with Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (all GOOD CARBS) : 



Summer Slips Away

Today is September 2, 2013.  Where did Summer hide itself?  It seemed we were just beginning and now it’s unofficially over!WGP-misty forest road 2007

Yes, it’s still HOT and HUMID!  But there’s just something in the air…you sense it when you walk out the door, especially in the early morning hours.  We anticipate with some apprehension and excitement the coming CHANGE!! and we all start wondering what will follow the glorious Autumn.  Change is always a little unnerving. 

School has already been in session for a couple of weeks, but because it was still August it was Summertime!  This year has been the wettest Summer that I can remember for Eastern Tennessee, so that would be the last nineteen years for me. 

Our backyard down the hill is a jungle, and I’m not kidding.  I wouldn’t walk through it for a million dollars…well…maybe, but I’d have spray myself with every repellant available, pack a pistol, machete, and anything else required to fight off what is creeping around in there.

I eagerly await the early weeks of autumn…one of my favorite times of the year.  Maybe that’s why I like all the fall colors, and tend to gravitate toward earth tones.  Not a fan of Winter, but I do enjoy the occasional snow storm.  Note, I said snow not ice.  While living in Maryland it took me 5 hours to get 15 minutes from home.  What a shock to come out of the grocery store in Ellicott City to a sheet of ice.  People were slipping, sliding, and falling down.  Cars were sliding all over the roads and into ditches and each other.  It was a big mess.  Two minutes from home with a upward curving exit ramp looming before me that no other car had managed to navigate, I pulled my car well off the road and tramped through a field to get to my house with my sons each carrying a bag of groceries.  We went back the next day and retrieved our undamaged car. There was a pile of cars that hadn’t made it.   I do not want a repeat of that story…it can stay just that, a story.

However, I am ready for walking around H’ Bay and enjoying the crisp humidity free air.  I’m anticipating the coming days when I can open the windows and not run the air conditioner.  

I always become nostalgic around a change of season.  I suppose it’s because past memories flood my mind of when all the boys were at home and what each seasonal change meant to our family.  Labor Day was the last camping trip before school started…the last hurrah of the Summer…the last week of freedom.

Seasonal change is always a sobering Isa 46.4 Even in your old agereminder to me of how swiftly each season of life comes and goes.  I find myself checking to see which season I’m in, leaving, or entering soon.  I want to be prepared for each season that I enter, similar to our preparations for the earthly seasonal changes.  We know they’re coming and we know approximately when they come and we try to prepare accordingly.


My prayer today: 

Lord prepare me for each storm, monsoon, and season that comes my way.  Don’t let me forget that you are the MASTER CREATOR of all and my Hope is in you and you alone.   In Jesus Name. 




Time Marches On…

Reflecting on Sister Wilma McKinnies a Woman of God who has leftSis McKinnies this world as we know it!  I admired her quiet strength, gentle spirit, kind and generous nature, positive outlook, and steadfast faith.   Yes, she is in a better place… completed her Journey and winning the race that was set before her!  But…

Whenever an Elder Warrior has passed it seems to leave an emptiness in my heart.  A void that needs filling.  I realize it’s a void that can only be filled by the Peace that comes from God alone, but it’s there!

It challenges me whenever one of our Elders passes on to the Prize.  Why?  Because I realize that with each passing, I myself, am traveling closer and closer to that part of the Journey, the Exit, as I call it… leaving this world and onto the Glory that awaits.  We enter and we exit… and “ Life goes on Bud” (as Bud’s father said on his deathbed).

It makes me look inward and outward.

Inward: to examine my spirit, emotions, motives, aspirations, dreams and  heavenward goals.  Crying out to God to search every nook and cranny and the deepest crevices of my heart.

Outward: to check my association with others, appearance, health, priorities, my response to the tug of this world, my dreams and goals for Life on earth.

As I age, Death always makes me reflect on what is really important in life.

Possessions, NO!  Money, NO! Family, Yes!! Friends, Yes!! And oh my, even all my BOOKS, won’t be important when that time arrives.

Please forgive me if you think I’m being negative, I’m not!  We can enjoy life and live it to the fullest, we just need to remember that we are not guaranteed our next breath. 

Truly, only what is done for Jesus Christ will last…that’s an eternal Promise and He never breaks a Promise.  Our Peace comes from God alone, He is the only one who can fill our Life with inward JOY that circumstance, situations, or people cannot steal from us.

Mourning Reflections,


Dry…Thirsty…Drink the Living Water

“If you’re DRY then you probably need to CRY.”

I woke early Monday morning this past week with these words vividly printed on my mind and I was reading and re-reading them over and over again. My mind became full of words, phrases, and Scripture that needed to be compiled into some sense of order to satisfy my heart.

Lord i'm emptyTheir heart cried to the Lord.
    O wall of the daughter of Zion,
let tears stream down like a torrent
    day and night!
Give yourself no rest,
    your eyes no respite!

(Lamentations 2:18 ESV)

So here goes my feeble attempt to make sense of what I felt was the “nudging” of the Holy Ghost.

Psalm 18:6 tells us: In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.

I understand that all the cries or cried in the Bible does not always mean tears…but it does mean a desperate crying from the heart.

I searched for scriptures that had the word cry, cries, cried, tears and weep or weeping. It’s worth your while to take the time to look them up in a concordance and just read through them.

Everyone has their own manner of prayer… many do not cry tears, but still cry before God. I personally am a crier with tears. When I feel His presence, it is so awesome to me that after all these years, I still cannot stop the flow of tears. I have also discovered, that I do not cry about everything that occurs in my life. I attribute my tears as a gift from God. Tears refresh my soul. I can read His Word and as His Spirit flows through the Words I’m reading and connects with my spirit I become so full that my tears flow freely. I hope and pray I never lose the tears or the awe and reverence of God and His Word.

Now back to dryness. As I write, please understand that I have had times of dryness, so I speak from the experience. Did I leave God during those times? NO, I persevered through them. Did I need a large church or conference to remedy my dryness? NO, I continued to worship, yes, I said worship even though He felt so far away. Why? Because I knew that He wasn’t far away, but was calling me closer to Him. However, when the opportunity presented itself in a conference or large church, I did and do take full advantage of the praise time. But those services are not what will provide the day-to-day connection with God. It’s not the size of the church congregation that causes true worship.  It comes from our hearts!

May I say that a dry spell could be a time of testing? God wants to see how we are going to handle it. Will we walk away or trudge on through the barren desert searching for the Water? We have the choice of letting our spirit dry up and become dehydrated or seeking the Living Water that will refresh our souls.

Physical dehydration is horrible and can be painful. Dehydration often affects the internal organs. One can even have hallucinations. Dehydration that is not reversed in time  can quickly  bring DEATH.

Spiritual dehydration is also a painful malady and can cause the inner man to wither away. Just like physical dehydration is generally a slow subtle process until the body starts to break down and becomes weak, Spiritual dehydration occurs the same way…slow and subtle. The lack of hearing the Word causes the dehydration process to begin and we fail to turn our praise into true worship. Worship comes from knowing and connecting to the one we worship.  The adversary sees our lack of response to the Spirit and goes immediately to work to keep us from drinking the living water.

So, once we’ve diagnosed that dehydration is or has occurred what do we do to remedy it? Physically we must re-hydrate ourselves…we must drink water and restore the fluids in our body. If serious enough, we may even require Intravenous intervention. I’ve experienced this physical dehydration a couple of times in my life that required the IV’s. It’s not a pleasant experience. You do not feel like yourself, you think strange thoughts (hallucinations) and your body begins to shut down (very harmful to the kidneys). It also affects our appearance.

What is the Spiritual remedy? First, we must admit that we were responsible for the dehydration. It was our choice not to drink water and keep our body hydrated. Second, we must drink in the living water that will restore our soul and replenish the spiritual nutrients to our inner spiritual man. Third, it may require us to be more diligent and consistent in daily seeking His presence in repentance and worship. Fourth, we must realize it takes our effort to lift the cup of living water to our lips and drink that is what God is looking for. He will provide living water to those who are thirsty.

Personally, I have been a part of large congregations and small. I have found that neither one, large or small made me any drier than the other. Yes, I enjoyed praising and worshipping with music. Yes, I enjoyed being in a large group feeling the Spirit sweep over. But I have more often than not reaped the most when I forgot those around me and only concentrated on worshipping my God. Just me and God.

My private times, my quiet times with my God, have been the sustaining factor in my walk with God these past 54-years. I can always count on Him to be there. I may not always feel His presence, but I know He’s there!This is my desire

Usually, when I submit myself totally to praising and worshipping Him, forgetting about myself and my supposed needs is when I find Him to be the closest.  I can reach out and touch Him as He passes by.

I can almost hear Him whisper,

“My daughter, this is how it should be”.


He will draw near if we seek Him!  That’s a promise.


Whispers from my heart,




Three Strands

A repost that I originally wrote for Heart2Heart Women’s Ministries 04/28/2005. I felt like reposting it today.

Whispers from a Tennessee Heart


  We become more than just “acquainted” with each other. We begin to learn each others personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes. Isn’t it wonderful that God puts so many different kinds of people together that probably wouldn’t have ever become friends if it were not for Him? I’m so thankful He does that! I would have missed meeting some wonderful people throughout my lifetime simply because there may have been something I initially didn’t like about them or we were so different (I thought! That first impression thing.) that we wouldn’t even have tried to pursue a relationship. What I would have missed!!! There truly is power and strength in numbers…

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Change is in the Air…

Whoa…it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and not because I’m  empty of words…but simply for lack of time.  There’s a lot going on in my life currently and many changes in the near future, so I cherish every moment of quiet time I can flee away to.

We are welcoming my parents, who will both be 88-years old this coming July, once again into our home.   After 3-years we will again share our home with them.  Our lives and routine will again be restructured to fulfill a need.  While they do still ambulate well, they are both getting feeble.  Mom tires quickly, and Dad has slowed down considerably.  Also, the house in Missouri that they currently live in is needed for the owner’s daughter and family. 

Although Hubby/Pastor has retired from his secular job at the hospital, I still work full-time and will for a few more years as my health permits and the job is there for me.   Because I’m working, a lot of the responsibility will fall on dear hubby’s shoulders.

So today, Saturday, we are busy rearranging our home to accommodate my parents.  First, we are working on their room, removing the exercise equipment, and bringing in the other bed.  I purchased new sheets for their beds yesterday during my lunch break and would like new bedspreads.  We have removed carpets in places to prevent falls, etc. 

Bud has been busy getting the stair rails painted and back up…a job we had  procrastinated doing!   They do look nice…kind of a black antique-y finish. 

Bud and Scrappy checking out the finished project.  I’m glad the rails are back up.DSCN5199DSCN5225


One project out of the way…now on to the next.  I think we are moving the beds around and clearing out the closet in what will be their room.  I’ve still got the kitchen to reorganize.  We need to finish painting the kitchen too, but probably won’t get that done before they get here.

Here’s a photo of what will be the family photo wall above the sofa.  I’ve yet to insert our photos.  The silhouettes are of our three sons.




I also have a photo wall to put back up in the hallway.  The photos will all be in black frames.  I have the frames, just another one of those things I’ve not had time to get back to.

Well, my break is over and now back to work!

Happy Saturday,


A Redheaded Girl…

Red, a color I’ve always liked but was told I should never ever wear.  Why?  Because I was a redhead!  I’ve since remedied that…wearing red, not changing my hair color!!

002Mine wasn’t the carrot red, or the deep auburn, but more on the 6th Grade Pamstrawberry blondish end of the red color spectrum.  It darkened somewhat as I grew older. I’ve been told that I got my particular shade  from my Dad’s side of the family, a Great Aunt.  My mother’s side has the beautiful true carrot shade of red hair.  My mother’s hair turned white in her late 60’s!  My maternal grandmother had beautiful auburn hair.  Although her pure white hair was what I remember from early childhood. 

Surprisingly or not, I’ve NEVER been ashamed of my red hair, even when I was very young.  I’m supposing it was because it always made me different.  Often, I would be the only one in the room with red hair. I loved it, and always being the tallest for my age group I stood out 001even more!  Of course, making it easy for the teachers to see my raised hand.  It also made me a target to get in trouble for talking too much in class, or gum chewing.   I couldn’t hide behind another student! 

So it did bring me some adverse responses too! However, very few.  I was never taunted or ridiculed for my hair color.  I did have a 6th grade teacher whose name I will not mention but remember it as if it were yesterday, who made snide remarks in class about my “long” hair and other things.  Little did she know that she put some backbone into that little 6th grader! 

I thought at the birth of my firstborn that we were going to have a redheaded son.  Alas, at two months his hair fell out and he was a towhead instead! Winking smile  But he later gave me a strawberry P1010045blond granddaughter and great granddaughter. 

Chloe Pics From Innovations 017

Overall, I’ve enjoyed my red hair.  God gave it to me and He knows best.  He is my creator.  I’m not ashamed of Him, so why should I be ashamed of how He made me. 

I’m now entering the fading stage and I’m watching my red hair turn lighter every day.  The red is slowly slipping away and is mostly reflected in the “ends”now.  But it’s still there!  My Dad has reddish undertones to his brown hair and he will be 88 years old and still has natural color in his hair. My prayer, “ Please God…let me take after my Dad’s side of the family and keep my red hair for awhile longer.”  I’ll just have to wait and see.

Even after the red turns to white…I’ll still be a redhead at heart.  I feel blessed to know that God favored me!  Smile

 Enjoying what God has given me…



Monday’s Muse…

January 14, 2013 –

We are well on our way into the NEW YEAR!  I was looking at the calendar and counting the days until Spring!  Perhaps that was because I had read we (Southeastern Tennessee) were in for some COLD weather in the mid-teens, atypical for our area.Copy of Newspaper1020

While perusing the calendar it made me think about how swiftly life passes by!  Sometimes it seems like yesterday that my three little towheaded boys were seeing how much mischief they could get into before getting caught!  They had great imaginations!  This was back-in-the-days before all the video games, Wii, Xbox, movies, and all the miscellaneous electronics.  My boys played outside and improvised with whatever was available…they built things, rebuilt their bikes, painted their bikes, made ramps, tree houses, tunnels in the ground, played in the dirt, and on and on.  They came in at the end of the day with freckled, sunburned faces, with sweat-rings and dirty smudges.  I never knew what I’d find in their jeans pockets!

During the long days of summer they were outside from early morning to dusk or later!  I don’t think they were ever “bored”, really. 

Now I look at them and they are grown men who have ventured out into the world.  When I’m around them it still amazes me, that these handsome MEN are my cute little boys!

Copy of spiral-clock“Life goes on, Bud”.  These were Dad Childers last words to Bud knowing he would probably not see his son again.  Three short words filled with so much truth!  I think we need to muse about life occasionally, if nothing else, just to remind ourselves how precious it is and not to be taken for granted.  Life does go on…  

Just musing about many things today.  Thankful for STRENGTH to make it through whatever the day may hold and enough JOY to enjoy the wonder of each new day!  Waking with anticipation of the day ahead, and in wonder and awe of God’s love, compassion, mercy, grace, deliverance, and Power! Words are not enough to describe the emotions of awe and wonder of God.  I’m so blessed to have HIS Spirit living inside me…I am a living temple of God!

Blessed beyond measure,




It takes a HABIT to BREAK a HABIT !

As I read this short sentence, I realized how much truth was packed into those words.  I know it’s TRUTH because I’ve experienced it!  We often struggle with making changes in our life.  The Closer you walk with God... 2013

If we do not fill the void left from eliminating a particular habit or routine from our life we revert back to the “old habit” or routine.  It’s too easy to fall back into the familiar even if we know it’s not beneficial to our growth.

It’s the same in our spiritual  lives…we cannot let the spaces in our heart and mind be filled with the “old”.  So, we endeavor to fill it with the New Way of life.  Some have a difficult battle with leaving the old behind and forging ahead with the New!  We don’t want to leave the familiar behind even if it’s bad for us!  Oftentimes, we take comfort in the familiar…it’s easy, we know what to expect from the old familiar habits and routines. 

Once we’ve fallen back into our old ways we often become disappointed in ourselves and may even feel worthless, helpless, and hopeless or despondent.

That’s a TRICK of the adversary!  Don’t let him fool you into believing his lies that you are incapable of changing!  God’s WORD tells us otherwise.  It also tells us that it can be a struggle to endure, maintain, and STAND FIRM!  WE CAN DO IT!

My heart breaks when I see believers falling back into the adversaries lap.  I’ve seen lives become so ensnared and tangled that one sometimes wonders if they will make it back.  I know, that I know…God is merciful, full of grace, and compassion.  He does understand and He wants to give you hope, worth, and purpose. 

God will not leave you…you leave God!  He waits with open arms and eyes filled with desire to see you run into His forgiving arms of love.  He came to earth…gave his only son, for who?  YOU! and me!

Don’t GIVE UP!  Give GOD the adoration, praise, and glory of your heart, mind, and soul!  He will give you all the strength you will need to fight the warfare of this world.  Preparation is the key!  

Put on the armor…prepare for the battle,


(I’m not sure why I have blogged this…but it was in my heart to write.)

This was a post from January 1, 2011.  I still believe these words I wrote. They’re still very appropriate for today two years later.

Whispers from a Tennessee Heart


attempting to devour us!  He is so subtle and will often use the very ones we love and trust to confuse and discourage us.  He is sneaky, divisive, smooth of speech, an avid artful liar, and enjoys the thrill of seeing Heirs of God fall.  How easy it is to be lulled into a and overlook the “fallen one” . 

knowing the prize that awaits me.

our very souls depend on how and where we WALK.  

let’s take the

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