Musings and Family…

I think we had the coldest March and April in many years here in Eastern Tennessee.  Spring came and then disappeared.  The last week the weather warmed to the 80’s without the humidity.  All the cars are yellow with pollen and allergies are at their height of the season.  Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to bother me.  We wait patiently for the rain to wash our cars and bathe our trees and shrubs clean.

My back yard looks like a wilderness…it’s not really a backyard.  From our back patio and about 10 feet beyond it becomes a wilderness haven for all the critters, including snakes that occasionally make their appearance known to us.  Early mornings, I can hear the Raccoons banging the garbage can lid up and down as they forage to satisfy their hunger and the Owls hooting to each other and have even managed to get a photo of the Owls on the top of the old Oak tree before we  had it cut down. I didn’t have my good camera then so it is not a clear photo, but you can see they’re Owls.  We do have to keep an eye on our furry babies.  We even have a new FROG family this year.  We think there are four of them.  They’ve sure grown since I took the first photos.


Since Bud had his car accident, we’ve not done much to the yard this year, and it’s looking pretty sad.  Hopefully, we will be able to do some yard work before long.  I’ve not planted my flower pots yet either, so the front porch doesn’t have its usual “ Happy it’s Spring look”.

A few weeks later…. (July 21, 2018)

Whew…it’s been a few weeks since I started writing this post!  Time has a way of rapidly disappearing from the glorious glow of the morning light to the blaze of colors of the peaceful setting sun. Have you noticed the days are getting just a tad bit shorter?  That means Autumn is just around the corner.  EARLY Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year.  The Summer haze is gone and the sky is endless blue.   The colors of nature are bright and distinct.

I don’t know about yours, but in my world this summer is slipping away.

We had our middle son, Jason with us for a couple weeks. He put together several purchases I had made and left in their boxes. One being a cubicle storage cabinet with cloth basket inserts. I put this at the end of my bed. Works perfect! Another was a shoe rack that I thought would be hard to assemble but wasn’t at all!   He washed all the windows inside and out, cleaned the roof and gutters out (they don’t want DAD on the roof anymore) and mowed the yard. If I’d had my study ready he would have put my desk together that I’ve had in boxes in the garage forever! He repaired the roof the last time he was here. He’s painted our living room, hallway, and entry and tore out the old carpet and put down flooring. Completely painted my kitchen cabinets inside and out and put molding on the top of the cabinets after removing the soffit. Painted the garage doors and the front and back doors.

Tim put in the new storm door and movement light over the garage doors as well as lights on the front steps. Marc has cleaned the gutters and roof off when he’s had the time. We enjoy every day the things our sons have done for us.   We are blessed and spoiled by our sons!

We had a visit recently with our grandson Tim (Brian to us) his beautiful wife, Christina and our gorgeous GREAT granddaughters, Chloe and Ella. We got to hold our first GREAT grandson, Harlan for the first time.   He’s precious.



Sadly, I was so busy taking photos I never took one with me and the girls or Harlan ☹. It was a brief visit, but so good to see them! They stopped on their way to Florida.

Then Marc our youngest son, wife Shenyle and our grandson Gavin stopped on their way to Florida and dropped off the furry grands, Bear and Aries. We had a time! Marc later told us we had spoiled their pets!  On their way back home they stopped and picked them up and we got to see our handsome grandsons, Micah and Gavin. They are getting so tall and older!   Wow, our kids are all growing up!   What does that mean we’re doing?



August 2018

Our granddaughter, Kailee brought Terri (her mom & our DIL), and her Mom in love, Dawn along with her sis in love, Kaylee by for an overnight visit.     YUP, there’s two Kailee/Kaylee’s in the family now. Plus she has a cousin named Kaylee (not sure if I have the correct spelling). We had a great time, found out gramps is good, but a little slow on one of the games we played. We are both showing our age! 😊 Papa fixed breakfast before they left Saturday morning for all of us by request.



Our visits seem to be few and far between, but all the more pleasant and appreciated when we do!

Wow…it’s now September 1, 2018 and Fall is just around the bend.  I’m glad because we had an extremely HOT HUMID Summer!

Love my Family…

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Home…2009 TN Ladies Conference

We’re home.  We had perfect travel weather, the road  and detour in Knoxville didn’t slow us .  We even managed miraculously to get a luggage cart at the hotel this year  🙂    I was blessed to have my 83 almost 84 year old mother with me for the first time at a Ladies Conference together.  I know she’s tired, but she enjoyed herself.

We were fed spiritually and we fed our flesh!  I ate way more than I’m accustomed to eating.  It was all good.

I went “expecting” and received the “unexpected”.  God always let’s us know whose in control.  I’ve come away from these 3-days with a renewed mind and encouraged.

Enjoyed the fellowship with our ladies, but died for lack of good coffee.  I guess, I should have splurged and hit STARBUCKS, but didn’t feel like fighting the traffic for that.  Was glad to get home to my coffee.  Everything there tasted like water with a dab of coffee!  I didn’t think when we were in WalMart to buy some good coffee for the hotel room.  I bought cream… duh?  for what?  Oh well… I’m now a satisfied coffee addict!

I did come home sick.  I think I was  coming down with it when I left, but ignored it and the lack of sleep while there didn’t help it any.  My first day back at work was horrible.  But I’ll survive!  We women do… we just go on and on and on and on, like the energizer bunny!  😀

I’ll write more about the conference and possible some photos.  I was engrossed in other things and didn’t take many photos.  I really didn’t get any good ones to post.  Shame on me

Spring is springing out here!  The trees are budding pale baby leaves and my Irises are getting ready to bloom.  The phlox are proudly displaying their lavender blooms.  The Dogwoods are desperately trying to get here by Easter.  I hope they do this year without a killing frost like last year.  I love to look out my window and see them glistening in the morning sunlight. Well, I’ve got to get ready for work.  Thank God for work!